Designer bags never seem to go out of fashion, but it is not a secret that most people feel a little alarmed by the prices these bags offer. Although a designer bag is an investment that can last for years, it doesn’t mean you want to spend years paying one off.

Pre-owned designer bags are one excellent way to get the chic beauty and luxury quality of top designer bags for a price you can feel a lot better about. In this article, we will discuss why it is time to start shopping for used designer bags and share a few luxury bags you will want to snatch up before they sell out!

What Are Used Bags Really?

When people picture “used” bags, they often imagine trashed bags that no one else wants. While it is true that these bags do exist, these are not what you are buying when you purchase pre-owned bags from a company that offers high-quality items.

A used bag is simply a bag that has been owned before. That might mean that it sat unused in the closet until someone decided to sell it, or it might mean that it was used for a specific event and never touched again. High-quality pre-owned bags are bags that someone else has owned, not necessarily bags that are damaged or experienced heavy use. We only sell the highest quality used bags in our store.

3 Reasons to Choose Pre-Owned Bags

Purchasing pre-owned bags really is just a decision that makes sense. Not only are you cutting down on the wastefulness of the fashion industry, but you are actually getting a lot when you choose used bags. Let’s discuss the top three benefits you get with these bags.

Incredible Prices

Designer bags are often noted for their extremely high price tags. When you choose a used alternative, you can get a much more affordable price. This means you get the same item, but you are also getting it at a much better price.

Long-Lasting Quality

Quality is one of the main reasons that people love designer bags. With every used bag, you get access to the luxury quality that these bags are known for. Every designer bag is built to last.

A Valuable Investment

Since designer bags offer such incredible quality, they are also an investment. Purchasing your own designer bag means making a lasting purchase that you can enjoy for years—or even pass on to those around you at a later time. Every dollar spent on a used designer bag is an investment into the longevity of your wardrobe.

5 Used Handbags to Buy for Your Closet

There are many beautiful designer handbags, and we are proud to offer great pre-owned options. Each of these handbags comes from designers at YSL, allowing you to experience their luxury style while saving a lot on the original price of the item.

Ysl Puffer Small Chain Bag In Quilted Lambskin

YSL Puffer Small Bag

This incredible design by Saint Laurent is a beautiful bag that is great for dressing up your daily wear. Made to last using the high-quality materials YSL is so well-known for, this bag brings a fun design with a little extra flair, making it an ideal match for most standard outfits. Perfect for running errands or meeting up for a quick Happy Hour with friends, the Used Saint Laurent Puffer Small Chain Bag in Quilted Lambskin is a great wardrobe investment.

Ysl Le 5 A 7 Soft Small In Smooth Leather

YSL LE 5 A 7 Bag

Far better than your average tote, the Used Saint Laurent LE 5 A 7 Soft Small in Smooth Leather is a welcome feature in any modern closet. Perfect for carrying your essentials and more, this bag looks like a casual bag, but it still brings the Saint Laurent flair that the brand is praised for. It has a simplistic design, but every part is made using the highest quality materials to create a bag that will last you for years to come.

Ysl Lou Camera Bag In Quilted Leather

YSL Lou Camera Bag

Photographers and influencers need not look any further than this chic camera bag. Used Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag in Quilted Leather is the perfect match for anyone who loves to document their life in style. Able to hold essentials or a camera, this bag is great for modern fashion lovers who prefer to keep their favorite items with them in a cute and stylish bag. Built to last and simple enough to add a touch of beauty to any outfit, this bag is a must-have for everyday creatives.

Ysl Le 57 Hobo Bag In Quilted Lambskin

YSL LE 57 Hobo Bag

Simple, stylish, and a perfect match for outfits whether you dress up or down, this everyday bag is a great daily-use bag. Used Saint Laurent LE 57 Hobo Bag in Quilted Lambskin offers a comfortable strap, support for your everyday items, and a look that can effortlessly transition between casual and dressy depending on your outfit. It is a bag that exemplifies what a bag should be, making it an easy choice.

Ysl Loulou Small Chain Bag In Quilted “Y” Leather

YSL LouLou Small White Bag

Fans of Saint Laurent’s quilted “Y” leather will love this adorable addition to the YSL collection. Used Saint Laurent LouLou Small Chain Bag in Quilted “Y” White Leather is a bag that brings just enough style and glamor without overdoing it. A great fit for evenings out with friends or your next date, this simple bag holds just enough and comes with a beautiful golden chain strap that makes it easy to dress up what you are wearing. Pair it with a dress or jeans—no matter what, it will look great!

Find the Bag of Your Dreams Today!

Our luxury pre-owned bags give you the ability to fill your closet with high-quality items without paying high prices for them. Browsing our selections, you are guaranteed to find something that you will love. We are happy to offer only the best—and we bring them to you at a price that is even better!

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