LP Extra Pocket Pouch L27 Argo Blue Melange Bag
Perfect condition

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  • Size: 27 x 16 x 10 cm
  • Brand: Loro Piana
  • Colour: Argo Blue Melange
  • Made in: Italy
  • Comes with box and dust bag

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Dive into a realm where luxury and minimalism meets a touch of vintage charm with our pre-loved Loro Piana Extra Pocket Pouch L27. Every stitch, every curve of this pouch speaks of past tales, elegant soirées, and moments captured in time. Designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, this pouch is a seamless blend of craftsmanship and narrative.

In a world where the new often overshadows the old, the Loro Piana Pouch stands defiant, reminding us of the timeless charm of pieces that have seen days go by. It isn’t just about owning an accessory; it’s about inheriting a legacy. Each touch, and each glance at this pouch, takes you on a journey through time, through moments of elegance, laughter, and memories.

The meticulous tumbled calfskin construction promises longevity and exudes a sophisticated aura. Its wide opening ensures easy access, making it an ideal companion for quick outings or grand events. With its understated elegance, this pouch is a silent testament to the timeless allure of Loro Piana.

Detailed Features:

  • Tumbled Calfskin Exterior:Each pouch is meticulously crafted from 100% calfskin, ensuring a soft touch and a durable exterior. The tumbled finish gives it a unique texture, setting it apart in a crowd.
  • Luxurious Lambskin Lining:The pouch is lined with 100% lambskin, ensuring that your essentials are always surrounded by luxury. The soft touch of lambskin adds another layer of sophistication to this already magnificent piece.
  • Versatility at Its Best:The pouch is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, enabling you to carry it in a way that suits your preference. Whether you are heading to a grand event or a casual outing, this pouch will always be your perfect companion.
  • Secure and Elegant:The double zip pull, adorned with the signature “My Charms” detail, not only ensures the safety of your essentials but also adds a touch of elegance and charm.
  • Refined Leather Handle:The subtle leather handle is not just functional; it adds to the pouch’s overall aesthetics, ensuring that you always make a statement.

There’s an unmatched beauty in items that have been cherished before. Every mark, every subtle scratch, tells a tale of its journey. The Loro Piana Extra Pocket Pouch L27 isn’t just an accessory; it’s a chronicle, a tale of elegance, waiting to be a part of your narrative.

Embracing pre-loved luxury isn’t just a sustainable choice; it’s a nod to stories, moments, and the timeless charm that certain pieces exude. With its history and style, this pouch is ready to accompany you in creating new stories, whether an everyday adventure or a memorable event.

So, why wait? Let this Loro Piana Extra Pocket Pouch L27 be an emblem of your exquisite taste, a symbol of elegance with a hint of vintage. After all, luxury is not just about brand-new acquisitions; it’s about pieces that carry emotion, history and a touch of timeless charm.

1 review for LP Extra Pocket Pouch L27 Argo Blue Melange Bag
Perfect condition

  1. Diana

    I’m so glad I decided to buy my new handbag from Sehabags.
    The selection is amazing, and the prices are very reasonable. I ended up getting this beautiful leather bag and that’s perfect for work or everyday use.

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