LV Speedy Bandouliere 25 Monogram Empreinte Tourterelle Bag
Perfect condition


This Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 25 Monogram Empreinte Tourterelle Bag has a length of 25 centimeters adding on the height of 19 centimeters with 15 centimeters width. These measurements are perfect for such a bag to carry with you on regular basis. This tourterelle bag goes with any color of outfit whether fancy or casual.

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Used Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere Tourterelle bag is the best choice for formal and casual outings and meetings. This classy Tourterelle bag is an essential addition to your wardrobe. By carrying this super amazing bag you can complete your look. This is a bag that you can take anywhere on any occasion.

By carrying this Louis Vuitton bag around you aim to carry your fashion sense with you that makes you look unique and classy in a crowd. This LV Empreinte bag has many little details that count for its beauty and enhance its splendor. Such details this pretty tourterelle bag hold is that it is embossed with grained cowhide leather that gives it a fine and polished outlook. This pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag has cowhide leather trim making it all luxurious for you. Moreover, it has a microfiber lining that makes intricate designs on the surface of this captivating bag. This acquires every requirement of a bag that chants the melodies of enticement.

The LV speedy Bandouliere bag has a strong structure and an amazing look because of its Gold color hardware giving it a shiny outline. To keep your stuff safe this amazing bag provides a double zip closure to maintain style and safety. This offers ample space for your stuff by having an inside zipped pocket and an inside flat pocket. This makes it easier for you to carry your important stuff around with you effortlessly. It also has an engraved padlock that allows it to depict its sober look of it. This LV Speedy Bandouliere Empreinte Tourtrelle bag is one of a kind that makes you look different in mass. If you are looking for a bag for everyday hand-in experience this is the perfect deal to crack.

Carrying a bag is not hard because it offers you the option between straps and no straps. This has an adjustable strap option so you can adjust them according to your need and create the style that you want. This is how you can have multiple ways to make your look different with every go. These straps come in a length of about 43 centimeters. The maximum strap drop it offers is about 48 centimeters which makes it convenient for you to hang your bag around your should from multiple angles. It also has a double handle to carry it in a hand so you can switch the carrying style of your bag according to your mood.

This LV Tourterelle bag arrives in a fully packed box that is wrapped in a dust bag so it can be saved from damage and reaches you in its alluring existence. so come and get the most deserving bag for your closet.


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Perfect condition

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