Toujours Medium Warm Taupe Macrocannage Calfskin Bag
Perfect condition

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  • Size: 28.5 x 21.5 x 19 CM
  • Brand: DIOR
  • Colour: Warm Taupe
  • Made in: Italy
  • Comes with: Dust bag only.

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Discover the charm and elegance of a gently Used Dior Toujours Medium Warm Taupe  Bag , which combines practicality and style in a harmonious blend. This bag, crafted in the warmth of taupe calfskin, carries a story, a history of places seen and moments experienced. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a companion on your journey, embodying the essence of timeless fashion.

The casual yet refined design of the Dior Toujours Bag is an ode to the modern woman who values both functionality and aesthetics. The Macrocannage topstitching adds a layer of sophistication, making this bag a true standout. Its spacious interior is thoughtfully designed, featuring a matching pouch to keep your essentials neatly organized. Whether going through the bustling city streets or enjoying a serene cafe, this bag fits seamlessly into every part of your life.

What sets this piece apart is its versatile nature. The leather strap closure isn’t just about security for your belongings; it’s a testament to the care and thought of every aspect of the bag’s design. The iconic D of the CD Lock closure does more than twist to adjust; it’s a symbol of the legacy and craftsmanship inherent in every Dior creation. This bag isn’t just used; it carries the soul and spirit of its past, ready to be part of your story.

Detailed Features:

  • CD Lock and Strap Closures: A blend of elegance and security, offering peace of mind and luxury.
  • D.I.O.R. Charms: Each charm is a reminder of the brand’s heritage, adding a playful yet elegant touch.
  • Removable Interior Pouch: Perfect for keeping smaller items organized, offering versatility in using the space.
  • Adjustable Leather Handles: Whether you carry it by hand or wear it over the shoulder, the handles adapt to your style and comfort.

As you hold this Dior Toujours Medium Warm Taupe  Bag, you’re not just carrying a piece of fashion; you’re taking a story. Each crease in the leather, every gentle wear mark, is a testament to the journeys it has been part of. This isn’t just a purchase; it’s an adoption of history, a continuation of a legacy in which you now play a part.

The warm taupe colour of the calfskin is like a canvas painted with the experiences of its previous owner, ready for you to add your strokes. It’s a bag that understands the value of memories and is ready to create new ones with you. From the bustling streets of the city to the quiet corners of a bookstore, it’s a companion that understands your rhythm.

In embracing this used Dior Toujours Medium Warm Taupe  Bag, you’re not just choosing a fashion accessory; you’re choosing a piece of art that carries with it the echoes of past adventures and the promise of new ones. It’s an invitation to write your own story, to be part of a legacy of elegance and timeless style.

So welcome this bag into your life and let it be more than just an accessory; let it be a partner in your journey of experiences and memories.



6 reviews for Toujours Medium Warm Taupe Macrocannage Calfskin Bag
Perfect condition

  1. Diana Johnson

    Thrilled with my recent purchase of this bag!
    Its timeless elegance and quality surpassed my expectations. 👜✨ Such an useful bag for a daily shopping and going out. A chic addition to my collection!

  2. Charlotte Morgan

    My SehaBags purchase exceeded expectations! A beautiful pre-loved Dior handbag at an unbeatable price. The customer support team was helpful, and the shipping was super speedy. 👌

  3. Lucy Mitchell

    Found the perfect Dior pre-owned bag online, amazing value for money.

  4. Freya Evans

    Speedy delivery, bag in pristine condition. Thrilled! 😍

  5. Eleanor Ward

    👜 Fabulous! This Dior handbag is beautiful, arrived swiftly. Great customer service! 🥂 Finally sehabags can offer “Notify me” button which they lacked before once product is out of stock. They are improving a lot, buying constantly from them!

  6. Anthony Young

    Top-notch service and quality bags! 👏

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