General provisions

These Rules of Purchase and Sale of Goods (“Rules”) govern all transactions conducted through the online store located at and are legally binding. The Rules detail the rights and obligations of the Buyer and the Seller as well as the terms of purchase and payment for goods, the delivery and return procedures, the liability of the parties, and other related provisions.

All orders placed by Customers on (henceforth referred to as “the Store”) are subject to the policies of the online shop

Anyone over the age of 14 and under the age of 18 who has parental approval may enter into a legally binding contract without further adult supervision. Or guardians, may make purchases in the online store located at, except in the case where the independently dispose of their income.

By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he meets the store’s minimum age requirement and that he has the necessary permissions to make purchases by email as per Section 1.

The Agreement between the Parties is deemed to be effective as of the time the Buyer sends the Seller an electronic message. After you’ve added an item to your cart, verified its price, reviewed the shipping and payment options, and read the Seller’s policies, you may complete your purchase by clicking the “Execute order” button.

After the Buyer places an order and the Seller confirms it, either party may request a price adjustment to account for objective indicators affecting the price of the product (such as a rise in the cost of producing the product, a technical error, or higher costs associated with selling the product to the Buyer) (6.313 Art. 7 d.). In such a case, either Party may terminate the sale agreement by providing notice to the other Party if neither want to proceed with the sale at the revised price. The right to cancel the sales agreement as provided in this paragraph is not subject to indemnification under any circumstances.

By agreeing to the Rules, the Buyer agrees to receive invoices that also serve as product guarantees by electronic transmission to the Buyer’s email address indicated on the Buyer’s registration form. At the time of shipment, the Buyer must be provided with the aforementioned invoices. The products purchased, the quantity of those items, the discount applied, the total price of those items after all taxes and shipping costs, and any other information required by accounting rules and regulations must be included on invoices sent to customers.

Maintaining confidentiality and protecting personal data

In order to place an order on the website, the customer must first complete the relevant registration fields.

 The shopper must give genuine details upon signup.

During the ordering process, a buyer’s personal details are collected and stored for order processing, performance analysis, and direct marketing purposes. Furthermore, the Buyer agrees to receive order-related messages at the Buyer’s given e-mail address or phone number.

Customers who create an account or make purchases on the website are required to maintain their password secure at all times.

Unless forced to do so by legitimate laws in the United Kingdom, the Seller promises not to disclose any information about the Buyer to any other parties.

Commitments and safeguards that belong to the buyer

The Buyer may make purchases in the online shop situated at in accordance with these Rules and other emails, as more fully described in the relevant sections of the store’s different informative websites.

By writing a letter to Seller via the postal service, the Buyer may terminate this Purchase and Sale Agreement at any time.

The purchaser guarantees shipment of the goods and payment of the agreed upon price.

 If any of the information the Buyer provided in the registration form changes, the Buyer must update that information promptly.

The Client undertakes not to disclose his Password to any third party. You are also obligated to alert the Seller immediately upon discovering the loss of your login credentials.

Customers who place orders through confirm that they have read and agree to be bound by these Terms of Purchase and Sale and that they will not use the website or the products in a way that would violate the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Seller’s Duties and Protections

The Seller undertakes to take all steps required to facilitate the Buyer’s proper use of the services offered via the domain name

The Seller may immediately and without prior warning restrict, suspend, or terminate the Buyer’s access to the Online Store if the Buyer attempts to undermine the stability or security of the Online Store or breaches its duties.

The Purchaser’s registration information will be kept private and will not be shared by the Seller in any way.

The things will be sent to the address the buyer specifies.

The cost of the product, how it will be sent, and the circumstances under which it may be purchased and paid

Buyer may visit the online store whenever they like, as it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can place an order through phone or email during the business hours shown above.

The Agreement shall be deemed effective when the Purchaser places the order by clicking the “Execute Transaction” button, and the Seller shall confirm the transaction by sending an email to the Purchaser’s provided e-mail address. using preexisting routes that are trusted by both parties.

All purchases made in the web store must be made in euros.

In accordance with Section 5.4, we accept electronic mail orders and payments. The Purchaser initiates a wire transfer to the business account of  SehaBags groupchecking.” Financial institutions are ultimately liable for protecting their clients’ privacy while handling electronic financial transfers in the banking system. A consumer who prefers not to use credit cards can also pay through bank transfer by printing off the order and taking it to their local bank branch, where they can deposit the cash into the account for the online store’s email service.

The Customer’s right to submit a claim for breach of the terms of delivery will be forfeited if SehaBags is unable to begin preparing the consignment of goods per the Customer’s request until the Customer has paid in full for those goods.

Per 5.6, the order will be cancelled if the customer fails to pay or pays only a partial amount owed. In the event that the money were placed into SehaBags checking account the buyer will eventually get those cash back.

Delivery of goods

When choosing a shipping method during checkout, the client is responsible for providing an accurate address.

The Buyer accepts delivery of the Products in person per Clause 6.2. If the Buyer does not accept delivery of the Goods at the specified delivery address, the Seller may send the Goods to the location supplied by the Buyer without further recourse on the Buyer’s part.

 Either the Seller’s agent (courier) or the post office can deliver the goods to the Buyer.

Sellers may provide free or discounted delivery after an order reaches a certain dollar amount.

The Product Descriptions outline the parameters within which the Seller must deliver the Products to the Buyer. Extremely rarely, Seller may incur delivery delays owing to factors outside of its control. In such an event, the Seller will get in touch with the Buyer as soon as possible to discuss shipping options.

The Seller shall be released of any liability for breach of the terms of delivery of the products if the goods are not delivered to the Buyer or if delivery is delayed due to the fault of the Buyer or due to circumstances beyond the control of the Seller.

The Buyer shall contact the Seller immediately if the consignment arrives in damaged or open packaging, if the consignment contains items that were not ordered or an incorrect quantity of items, or if the goods are incomplete.

Buyer must promptly alert Seller of any evidence of altered packing.

Assurances and guarantees for the product’s quality

A full description of each product on is available for perusal.

 If the Buyer’s computer monitor displays a product’s size, shape, colour, or other qualities differently than the actual product’s size, shape, colour, or attributes, the Seller is not liable for the Buyer’s misunderstanding.

The seller may provide varying degrees of quality assurance for different types of goods; the period of any such guarantees and any other relevant terms and conditions will be specified in the product description. Except where noted, the items are covered by the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

 Returns and exchanges are permitted

Objects may be returned or exchanged only if they meet the following conditions.

In utterly unused condition, losing none of their monetary value via use or abuse.

Inspecting the contents of a shipment does not constitute substantial damage or loss of appearance if the packaging must be opened and examined.

To return or exchange a product, just send an email to with your request; once you have confirmation, fill out the return/exchange form with the specifics of your return/exchange and the reason(s) for it. The client is liable for making up the difference in price to SehaBags in the event of a pricing dispute. Your bank account will be credited with the price difference.

If the Seller does not have suitable replacement items, the delivery price will not be refunded to the Customer unless the goods are being returned due to poor quality, incompleteness, or similar. In this scenario, the Seller will further bear the price of sending the items back to you.

The conditions under which a product may be returned or exchanged are laid forth in Article 3 of this Section of the Rules. The whole amount paid will be refunded through electronic funds transfer to the account details supplied by the customer at registration within 14 days of receiving a signed refund form.

Promotion and statistical information

 The vendor’s online store is located at, and this is where promotions and discounts are to be discovered.

At any moment and for any reason, Seller may alter or terminate the terms attached to the shares. The date on which the terms and conditions of the shares are altered or terminated is the effective date of such amendment or termination.

Notices from the Seller to the Buyer must be delivered via the contact information provided by the Buyer in the registration form.

Any questions or notifications from the Buyer to the Seller must be sent via email. Contact information may be found in the “Contacts” section of the online shop and includes phone numbers and email addresses. Web-based mail addresses

The Seller shall not be liable for the Buyer’s failure to receive the transmitted information or confirmation messages due to problems with the Buyer’s internet connection, network service provider networks, or incorrect information provided by the Buyer.

Final provision

All relevant laws and legislative acts of the United Kingdom have been taken into account in the drafting of this Goods Buying and Selling Regulations.

Any disagreements over the interpretation of these Rules must be worked out amicably. If a dispute cannot be settled amicably, then United Kingdom law applies.

If you have any press related announcements, please contact us at 

All negotiations and execution of this Agreement, as well as all correspondence between the Client and SehaBags, shall take place in the State’s official language.