If there’s one bag that took the world by storm, it’s the Gucci Marmont Bag. This is a timeless bag and can be worn with any type of person, no matter what their style is. That’s what makes it so popular too! But with the popularity comes a whole world of copies that one wouldn’t normally expect.

When you first go in to it, especially if you’re not going to the official store to buy a new one, you might find yourself questioning if it’s even a real one! Some people try pretty hard to spot a fake and still aren’t able to. That’s because fakes have simply gotten too realistic. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no way to tell if a Gucci Marmont Bag is authentic or not. There is! You just have to know what you’re looking at.

In this post, we will be doing a complete rundown of how to tell if GG Marmont Bag is real or fake! So let’s get started!

Spotting a Fake GG Marmont Bag – The Complete Rundown

Here are the few things you need to glance over to check the legitimacy of a GG Marmont Bag :

The Overall Of The Gg Marmont Bag

The Overall Bag:

This is something you can easily see right away, even if you don’t hold the bag yourself (useful for online purchases too). Look and see if the shape is a uniform and smooth one. There shouldn’t be any lumps and bumps or inconsistencies in the bag.

Although Gucci bags are handmade, they go through a rigorous testing cycle, so each bag still looks like it’s machine-made. If you see the shape is wonky, or the pattern isn’t where each line is perfectly parallel to the other, leave that bag and move on from it!

Finishing Of The Gg Marmont Bag

The Finish:

People that haven’t seen a genuine Gucci GG Marmont bag before will have trouble trying to figure out which type of material the real ones are made of because some bags look great with a matte finish, while others can pull off the shiny look too. Typically, you’d think that the super moisturized, polished look is the real one, but that’s not it.

Gucci Marmont bags are made out of matte leather. It’s still got a “new bag sheen” to it, but it’s not “shiny.” So, matter leather = authentic bag, shiny leather = a clear fake!

The Logo Of Gg Marmont Bag

The Logo:

Even though the Gucci logo is very simple, it’s one that’s a little difficult to get just right. The first thing you can look at is the thickness of both of the “G’s” on the logo. They should be pointed at the top, get thicker, and then come to a point. Kind of as if they were written with a calligraphy pen.

Usually fake designer bags either get the logo too thick or too thin. But even if they were to get the shape right, the make of it almost never is. You can touch it and feel if the metal feels like it’s high quality enough. Another tell is that the real Gucci logo is gold, a nice neutral gold. On the fake bags, the logo is either far too yellow or too cool-toned, so it never really looks right!

Sides Of Gg Marmont Bag

The Sides:

Real Gucci Matelasse bag isn’t just made to be a bag that looks great; it’s also supposed to be big enough to hold all of your essentials without much of an issue. The real bags have sides that go straight up, so there isn’t any part of your bag where your belongings have to squeeze into. If you look closely, you can see that the sides won’t have any visible stitching; all of the sides are closed up using invisible stitches. The only stitches you can see are the ones on the top lip.

With the fake ones, you will see how the shape usually tapers upward, there will be incomplete stitching on the sides, and even if the invisible stitch method is used, it won’t be consistent throughout the bag.

Details Of Gg Marmont Bag

The Details:

Finally, there are lots of little details that will set a real bag apart from a fake one. For starters, check the lock. The magnet on the real clasp is made with sharp details, and it’s pretty small. The same is the case with the buckle on the outside. With fakes, you’ll usually see a clunky, bigger lock and clasp, and they won’t have clean, sharp edges.

Another telling sign is the heart in the back. The real Gucci bags don’t have the heart perfectly centered. It’s kind of at the ⅔ point of the bag. There is a second outline that runs along with the heart, and the lines come down to a clear point. On a fake bag, the shape of the heart would be taller and narrower, and on a real one, it’ll be wider and rounder!

Another tiny detail that you can easily check throughout the bag is if the stitching is done right. With fake bags, there will be places where you can see visible backstitching, even in places it shouldn’t be in, and there will be little threads sticking out all over. In the real ones, you can’t tell where the stitching starts or stops!

Final Thoughts on How to Tell If GG Marmont Bag is Real

With all of the little signs we’ve mentioned above, you, too, can spot a fake GG Marmont bag from a mile away! So if anyone tries to sell you a fake, you can check the signs and walk away from that potential scam immediately.

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