The small Gucci Marmont bag is a staple when it comes to buying a Gucci bag. It’s a go-to for women worldwide and works perfectly for pretty much any outfit or setting!

You can dress these up, down, or even use these as your everyday bag; there’s so much use that they provide! But before you just go buy one on your own, you need to be aware of what fits inside a small Gucci Marmont Bag to see if it fits your lifestyle or not!

That’s exactly what we’re going to be doing in this post! Here’s a complete rundown on everything you need to know about the small Gucci Marmont bag, so if you’re still on the fence about it, you can use this information to make your decision!

Gucci Marmont Bag

Different types of small Gucci Marmont Bags

Because of how big the Marmont Gucci bags have gotten over the years, many of them have been. So it’s important to know which one you’re looking into before making your decision. There is the Gucci small Marmont top handle bag, super mini bag, the Marmont camera bag, and even the belt bag, among others, but the Gucci Marmont bag we’re going to be focusing on today is the small Gucci Marmont Bag with Flap.

This is an iconic bag which is one of the most secure bags that you can get because of the flap that goes over the main compartment as an added layer of protection that keeps all of your belongings inside it safe and sound!

Bag Dimensions

This is a pretty small bag, but the dimensions still allow it to hold all of your basic necessities! Overall, the bag runs 26cm wide, 17cm tall, and 7 cm deep. So even if you just count the width and the height alone, you’re getting a lot of space. It’s a pretty compact size!

Bag Structure

While the size might be great, the way the bag is structured takes things one step further. Instead of being split up in lots of little compartments that wouldn’t allow you to hold anything inside, they’ve designed this one to be super open and spacious. There’s only one main pocket, and you can toss all of your essentials in there without a problem!

For your cards and cash, you can use the smaller, zipped compartment on one of the sides. Your money won’t take over the whole bag, and things will stay separated easily.

What fits inside

The small Gucci Marmont bag is one that you can use for all different types of occasions because it does hold a lot of stuff inside. You can even use it as your main “everyday bag.” Here is a list of some of the main things you can fit inside a small Gucci Marmont bag:

  • Phone
  • Cards
  • Cash
  • Lip balm/Lipstick
  • Small wallet or card holder
  • Thin Powerbank
  • Sunglasses
  • Mini hand cream

Because this bag comes with a flap, there is room for you to fill it to the top and still be fine. As long as the flap closes, you can still put your essentials there, and they’ll stay where you put them!

Gucci Marmont Bag

Build quality

One of the biggest reasons why the small Gucci Marmont bag can fit so many things inside it is that the build quality is great. The stitching all over the bag is done in a way that it’s so secure that even if you were to really stuff your belongings in there, it wouldn’t fray or fall apart! That just makes having one of these that much more fun!

Carrying Options

A great thing about this bag is that it’s very lightweight. It allows you to carry it around fairly easily because the only weight you will feel is the weight of the things you have in the bag itself. But even there, you have several options as to how you want to carry your bag!

While the main “holder” here is the chain strap, it runs through the holes in the flap once and then loops out. You could either grab both sides of the chains and wear it as a super chic shoulder bag, or you can just pull on one of the chains and let it drop to a cross-body length instead. That way you can wear it as a Gucci small Marmont shoulder bag. The multiple carrying options mean that even if the bag’s getting a little heavy, you’ll be able to wear it around town without a problem!

Gucci Marmont Bag

Final Thoughts

The small Gucci Marmont bag has been a staple because of its versatility. It’s a great bag that works for almost every type of person and their usage preferences! However, one very important aspect to getting one of these is to ensure you’re getting your Aria The hacker Project Small Gucci Marmont Bag-White Leather from the right place. The sellers should be authentic, have lots of pictures of the entire bag, and be able to prove the authenticity with a certificate or, even better, a receipt that proves the initial purchase.

This is important because of the sea of fakes you can find everywhere worldwide. A fake Small GG Marmont Bag might look almost identical from afar; it will not wear the same way and might not even hold the same amount of things that a real one would hold! So, after you’ve decided about getting the bag, make sure you’re protecting your purchase by getting the bag from the right seller, and you’ll be able to use it for years to come!

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