Gucci is as iconic as Greek Mythology, which is why the brand tends to take inspiration from it sometimes too. One of the bags that are the product of that inspiration, is the Gucci Dionysus TOP Leather Handle Beige Ebony Canvas Shoulder Bag

In this post, we’re going to be doing a complete rundown of the Gucci Dionysus small shoulder bag. Where it came from, what it looks like, and everything you need to know before getting one yourself!

Gucci Dionysus Series — The Inspiration 

This bag was inspired by Dionysus, the Greek god. More precisely the story of when Zeus sent him a tiger to help him cross the river Tigris. The story is pretty iconic and fierce, which is also usually the vibe with most Gucci bags anyway, so the shoe, or in this case, the bag, fits perfectly here!

To tie in the theme here, they’ve added a tiger emblem on the front flap of the bag. The tiger heads are warped in a horseshoe type of design and the quality of the emblem just screams Gucci. 

Gucci Gg Dionysus By Sehabags

One of the best parts about the way the emblem is set up is the fact that it looks like it’s actually a part of the bag itself. It just sits on top of the flap, you can’t really see any stitching or gluing on the emblem, everything is super seamless which just adds to the whole experience of using the bag.

That’s not the only reason that Dionysus was chosen though. He’s someone that pretty much embodies everything Gucci means. He’s the god of fertility, insanity, and growth. Whenever he’s mentioned anywhere it’s usually in an over the top type of amazingness. He was quite literally the epitome of all things lavish and that makes this the perfect fit when it comes to Gucci!

The Making of Gucci Dionysus

Gucci Gg Dionysus By Sehabags

Even though the inspiration for this bag stretches back to ancient Greece, the design isn’t actually that old. This bag was released in the fall of 2015. It was one of the first bags that Alessandro Michele released after she took over the reins for Gucci and it quickly became one of the most iconic bags they ever released.

This bag was created to bring together intellectual advancement, mixed in with artistic development, and a touch of all things mythological. Together, it pretty much brings together what Gucci is all about!

Because of how unique yet elegant and versatile this bag is, it ended up being an instant hit with the consumers.

The overall design makes it super convenient to use, and the multiple straps, allow every type of user to wear it the way they prefer! All of that has helped this bag become a new classic. 

Today, Gucci produces the Dionysus design in a wide variety of collections. However, one of the most famous ones is the GG Supreme Canvas Design.

An Icon in More Ways Than One 

One of the things that Gucci does best is create iconic pieces that people can go on to use for generations. The Gucci Dionysus series was exactly that. It’s now a staple in the design house and with all of the different variations, you can find a version that would best suit your style best. 

Some of the most popular iterations of this bag include the all black version that took this bag to the heights of popularity that it did to begin with, the velvet and of course, the canvas supreme. Each of the iterations have been iconic in their own way and has given the consumers lots of room and options to choose from. 

The build quality of this bag also speaks volumes to why it’s as popular as it is. The stitching all over is seamless as it can be, there are never any imperfections anywhere and all the little details come together to create a bag that’s not just pretty to look at but great in use too!  

Gucci Dionysus Small Gg Supreme Shoulder Bag 28Cm

A Bag For Life

Gucci is the type of brand that people invest in so they have something forever. That’s the mindset that the designers keep when they’re creating the bags in the first place. What makes the Gucci Dionysus so great is that it’s size is perfect to hold all of your daily essentials. You can throw in your lipsticks, money, cards and phone in there and it’ll hold everything in all nice and secure! 

Whether you get this bag brand new, or from a reliable pre-loved platform like SehaBags, you’re bound to be able to use this bag super long term! Just make sure you follow all the care instructions, use the dustbags as much as possible, and keep things clean and you’ll have yourself a bag that will literally be with you throughout life! 

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