Luxury brands have always been on trial for being wasteful and unnecessary, Gucci bag is not un exeption. However, they’ve proven time and time again that this allegation isn’t true. Despite that, major luxury brands like Gucci have still taken it upon themselves to minimize their carbon footprint, while also making sure that their products still look as luxe as possible, and providing all of the essentials necessary to protect the bag as well as possible!

To do that, Gucci created their “Green Packaging”, and in this post, we’re going to be doing a complete rundown of the entire new packaging, and doing an unboxing to show you how your Gucci bag would come, what you can expect during the entire process and how you can make the most of it for a long lasting bag!

Getting the Gucci Bag

Before you get to unboxing anything, you have to get the bag itself. Now, if you’re buying a brand new one from the Gucci store, expect to see the green packaging. However, some of the older bags still have the older Gucci packaging that’s in the white box with black borders, or the totally brown packaging.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get preloved Gucci bags in the brand new green packaging though, you can! There are tons of them listed on the Sehabags website too if you want to check them out!

Getting The Gucci Bag

Gucci Bag Package — The Outlook

The creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele designed the new, sustainable packaging. She’s given a brand new name to the “moss green”, it’s now going to be recognized as “Gucci Green”!

Green here isn’t just a random creative choice, it’s a tribute to the Earth itself!

When you look closer, you’ll see that there are lots of shades of green running across the entire outside of the packaging with different designs embossed across the whole thing. It creates a lot of dimensions and makes the packaging an entire piece of accessory on its own.

The paper itself comes from sustainably managed forest sources, so there’s already reduced impact on the Earth. That’s not all though, since the paper is totally uncoated, it can be recycled fully, leaving nothing behind. What’s great is that the uncoated feel of the packaging ends up feeling like soft paper, almost like luxe leather.

Gucci Bag Package The Outlook

Inside the Carrying Bag

When you open up the main carrying bag, you’ll see the main box inside. This box is an entire experience in itself. It’ll be a different size for each bag, but the build will always be the same.

There would be two ribbons on the box that you’ll have to unravel, the ribbons are high quality, and you can reuse them later on too! Either way, your box is going to be a great, luxe thing to open!

Inside The Carrying Bag

The Gucci Bag Box

One of the best things about buying a Gucci bag is the box it comes in! The boxes are very protective, so they keep your splurge safe for years to come. When you first hold the box, you’ll be able to feel the quality because of the weight. What takes that feeling even further though is the soft open and close lid on it. There’s a flap that you can lift and it opens with that so there are no separate pieces to keep track of, and the box keeps its shape long term.

This is great not just for the bag itself, but also if you mean to use the box as a decor piece too! So it’s great for both.

There would be two ribbons on the box that you’ll have to unravel, the ribbons are high quality, and you can reuse them later on too! Either way, your box is going to be a great, luxe thing to open!

The Gucci Bag Box

Inside the Gucci Box

Once you have the box open, you will see the dust bag. Gone are the old school white silk dustbags. Now, they ship their bags with natural colored dust bags instead. These keep in with the theme of sustainability, so they’ve created them using a blend of regenerated cotton mixed with recycled polyester to create a soft, protective bag that will keep your Gucci bag safe from all dust and debris for years to come. When you pair the box and the dustbag together, you create a duo that protects your bag from all angles forever. Plus, they look great too so it’s a treat for all of your senses!

You can store your bag in just the dust bag too, and display the box somewhere else, but it’s always recommended to store your bags in both so there’s no chance of dust making through and they don’t get accidentally squished either. This way, they’ll hold their shape just fine, and be preserved long term.

You can even place other Gucci bags, (or simply any bag you might have on hand) into the dust bag and the box if you mean to preserve them. This is a good idea for bags that you don’t really wear on a daily basis and mean to save while you cycle through your bag collection.

Inside The Gucci Box

The best thing for your bag would be to place it back in the box and dustbag every day so it stays in the best condition possible. Although that’s just a few hours a day, since these bags are meant to last for decades, all those hours do add up eventually. So it’s better to protect them as much as you can, whenever you can!

The iconic Gucci stamping on the dust bag itself is great because even if you have lots of dust bags that look similar because of the new color, you’ll easily be able to tell which one this is no matter what!

Gucci Bag Packaging and Unboxing — a whole experience

Unboxing a Gucci bag is an entire experience. From the second that the carry bag is in your hand, you’ll “feel the Gucci”. That alone makes the purchase worth it for some people. However, it’s the fact that extensive care goes into making sure that the packaging isn’t just for aesthetics, but also to ensure that no matter what happens, your Gucci bag will be protected, and with you, for years to come!

Gucci Bag Packaging And Unboxing

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