Q1. Can you tell me where SehaBags gets its prices?

Ans: Clients of Sehabags perform their research and utilise specialised tools to determine appropriate costs. Among the details of the prices are:

  • Recent sales trends for goods with comparable features
  • Value at Retail Available and Interesting
  • Our sales history might provide light on the item’s value based on its condition and rarity.
  • The company’s products are designed around the current trends in the industry.

The suggested retail price may or may not be significant depending on the manufacturer and style.

Q2. Can you tell me what methods of payment Sehabags accepts?

  • Credit cards acknowledged here include Mastercard, American Express, and Visa.
  • PayPal Verified accounts.
  • Electronic money cards (ie. Visa, American Express, Discover & MasterCard).
  • Klarna or Afterpay payment methods by instalments (depending on your country).
  • Verification of In-Store Credit Card Purchases.

Keep in mind that if you need to cancel or return an item for any reason, the funds will be reimbursed back to the gift card used to make the purchase. It’s best to hang on to gift cards until you’re certain you won’t be sending the item you bought with it back. In the event of a lost or stolen gift card, Sehabags will not provide a replacement.

Q3. What if I discover that the item I got is counterfeit?

Ans: To give you a sense of how we operate, here’s what we do with the items we buy: we subject them to a rigorous in-house authentication process that is brand-specific and entails a careful analysis of their materials, hardware finishes, typography styles, and construction.

Each retailer that provides goods to Sehabags stands by the quality of their wares 100%. If Sehabags determines that an item is not legitimate, it will return the item to the seller along with an authentication charge. The cost of shipping the item to our facility and storing it while it is being authenticated are included in the authentication fee. Your item will be returned to you after the Sehabags account authentication fee has been paid. Whenever your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information.

Q4. How can I cancel a Reserve or a pending order?

You can stop an order from being sent at any moment using your Sehabags account. To stop an order from being processed, go to “My Purchases” and choose “Cancel Order.” If you try to cancel your order after clicking “Place Order,” but are unable to do so, it is because Sehabags has already started processing your order for shipment. If you want to cancel your order, you can do so exclusively through the Sehabags website.

Q5. When and how will I get paid if I sell anything on consignment or through a buyout service?

We place a premium on processing payments immediately. Payment for the buyout will be made only when Sehabags has received and verified the item’s authenticity. Because it might take anywhere from one day to several days for a brand to verify many items supplied at once, it is standard practice for payments to be made on different dates. Some goods may require more time to test and investigate than others due to their inherent complexity. More than one payment might be sent to the account you designate.

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