1. Perfect Condition.

In a state that is clean with no marks of usage. Visually looking as new. No doubts about it’s condition.

2. Very good Condition.

A well-cared for product that had minimal use. The product may show some minor signs of wear with tiny scratches or cosmetic blemishes which are not easily noticeable. Overally difficult to see but taking careful look it is visible.

Sehabags is committed to ensuring the highest quality in every preloved luxury item we offer. Each piece undergoes a meticulous assessment, scrutinizing both its exterior and interior for any signs of wear.

Our items are categorized into distinct condition grades, ranging from ‘Perfect Condition’ to ‘Very Good Condition’, giving you a clear and honest insight into what you’re purchasing. We also pay close attention to the completeness of accessories, ensuring original dustbags are included, and providing Sehabags-branded replacements when necessary.

Our process guarantees that you receive authentic luxury items in conditions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, making your experience with Sehabags truly exceptional.

Sehabags’ Condition Assurance

At the core of Sehabags lies a profound commitment to authenticity. As a purveyor of preloved luxury, we understand the challenges posed by the influx of counterfeit products in the market. This is where our expertise shines – Sehabags stands as a beacon of trust, ensuring that every item we offer is a paragon of authenticity.

The Sehabags Promise: Transparency, Trust, and Truth

At Sehabags, we believe in building a relationship of trust with our customers. This begins with complete transparency about our processes. Every item that adorns our collection is a testament to our promise of authenticity. We don’t just sell products; we offer a 100% guarantee of authenticity, with a full refund policy, because your trust is our treasure.

Authenticity and Quality Assessment

Phase One: Authenticity Verification

Every piece at Sehabags is a subject of our comprehensive verification process. Our experts, with their discerning eyes, rigorously examine each item to ensure it matches the high standards set by the original manufacturers. This scrutiny involves:

  • Examining stitch work for precision
  • Assessing hardware for superior quality
  • Verifying authenticity marks
  • Checking date codes for accuracy
  • Evaluating the materials for genuineness
  • Inspecting the craftsmanship for excellence

Our focus is to identify and eliminate any item that doesn’t meet our high standards of authenticity.

Phase Two: Condition Evaluation

Our source of pride is the individuals who entrust us with their cherished luxury items. Starting with a detailed analysis using images from our ‘Sell to Us’ process, our specialists delve deep into assessing each item’s condition. Whether an item is labeled ‘Perfect condition’ or ‘Very Good Condition’, our team conducts a thorough examination of both its external and internal attributes. Our objective is to provide you with a transparent and accurate understanding of your potential acquisition.

Phase Three: Ensuring Completeness

An integral part of luxury items is their original packaging, including dustbags. At Sehabags, we verify the presence of original dustbags with each item. If an item arrives without it, we supplement it with a signature Sehabags dustbag, ensuring your item is protected and complete, at no extra charge.

Independent and Trustworthy

As an independent reseller of luxury preloved items, Sehabags is not directly affiliated with the brands in our catalog. This independence is key to our objective authenticity. We specialize in verifying the authenticity of luxury goods, providing you with the confidence that your investment is in true, high-quality luxury.